Firebeater™ Hand-held Fire Extinguisher





Keeps Small Fires from Growing
Firebeater™ is a fire extinguishing spray that works immediately on contact to keep small fires from growing dangerously out of control. Give you and your family peace of mind by storing a can in the kitchen, near the grill, in your garage, and with your camping gear.

Easier to Use than Traditional Fire Extinguishers
Firebeater™ boasts a discharge time that is four times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. And thanks to its intuitive, patent-pending spray nozzle design, Tundra is much easier to use than a traditional extinguisher–it has no pins to unlock or levers to squeeze. Just point the nozzle at any orientation from a distance of three to four feet and spray.

Biodegradable Spray is Easy to Clean Up
Firebeater™ spray is safe to use and easy to clean up–simply wipe off the spray with a damp cloth. Unlike traditional fire extinguisher chemicals that can cause permanent harm to sprayed areas, Tundra features a biodegradable formula that won’t damage appliances, equipment, or counter surfaces. This special formula also spares you the hassle and expense of hazmat disposal.

Product Features:

  • Package includes: Firebeater™ Hand-held Fire Extinguisher
  • Size: 11.4″ X 2.1″ / 290mm X 55mm
  • Color: Blue
  • Domestic Shipping (U.S) takes from 4-8 days
  • International shipping takes from 7-21 days
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